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Nineveh: Oh my. I'm not even a fan of rum and that sounds goood. Maybe I'm overdue for a drunkfest.
10-06-2007 22:07
Mu: I used to liquefy chocolate ice cream in rum ...
10-06-2007 21:24
Nineveh: Lyonne, red velvet cupcakes.
10-06-2007 17:58
Nineveh: Ooh, good idea - I bet that milkshake thing would taste DIVINE with some sugar based liquour in it....
10-05-2007 13:31
Mu: I prefer my Whopper and malt liquor separate if you don't mind
10-05-2007 09:27
Nineveh: I have a recipe for a Whoppers malt chocolate vanilla milkshake thingie that I'm just about dying to try.
10-04-2007 23:01
Lyonne: I want an ice cream float for serious.
10-04-2007 21:59
Nineveh: I don't, it's raining here.
10-02-2007 13:11
Mu: I see skies of blue
10-02-2007 12:01
Nineveh: I sees mah sister!
09-30-2007 12:10
Nineveh: Lawlor is ok, I've been in better. I saw Aerosmith there when I was in high school....ah, memories.
09-29-2007 18:29
tomanak: i guess it depends on where u see them lol. but then again reno has a perfect venue for concerts in the lawlor events center, every concert i have been to there has been flawless sound wise
09-29-2007 13:12
Lyonne: Seriously, I would have guessed that Nirvana was still touring before I'd think Korn was. And yes, Stef loves listening to chink-rap.
09-28-2007 14:21
iailanni: i saw them with Metallica and kid rock a few years a go. I will never again buy a korn CD after that concert
09-28-2007 13:35
iailanni: Korn live sucks
09-28-2007 13:34
Nineveh: A lot of jpop, actually....Lyonne won't let me live it down.
09-27-2007 19:14
tomanak: actually Korn live is one of the best shows i have ever seen. and yes u did teach me better but it was still fun lol, speaking of which what are u listening to now nine?
09-27-2007 18:54
Nineveh: You did. You're old now. <3
09-27-2007 13:49
Lyonne: I didn't know that band still existed. Did I graduate to the vh1 generation?
09-27-2007 13:17
Nineveh: Korn??? I thought I taught you better musical tastes than that! ;P
09-27-2007 13:14
tomanak: well i went to a Korn concert and got some hot chick to sit in my lap for half the show... so that was fun $$ no pics though cause the efing guards wouldnt let cameras in wtf
09-27-2007 03:02
Nineveh: For serious, Toman. You're young, we want to live vicariously through you!
09-26-2007 19:00
Mu: That's not living, that's existing
09-26-2007 18:11
tomanak: lol i live!! but am busy with work and school =/
09-25-2007 14:07
Lyonne: BALLS!
09-24-2007 16:26
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